Sharpen your coding skills: a guide to Advent of Code 2023

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, Netflix is filling up with holiday romcoms and Christmas cheer is in the air. With less than 60 days until Christmas, it’s also time for another beloved event: Advent of Code. Join me in embracing the festive spirit, while sharpening your coding skills with the Advent…

5 tips every technical trainer should read

In February 2023 I attended a five-day Technical Trainer course, aiming to take and pass the Comptia Technical Trainer (CTT+) exam, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). As of today, I can proudly call myself MCT. The CTT+ exam was very valuable for me in many ways and originally I…

Getting started with Graph API for Intune

Microsoft Graph is a very powerful tool to access and interact with your data in your Microsoft cloud environment. For Azure Back To School, I will give you an introduction to using Graph API for Intune. We'll first look at what Microsoft Graph is, we'll talk you through how to set it up and we'll…

Identity Governance in Azure AD: Catalogs and Access Packages

IT security is important in any organization as we rely more and more on our IT infrastructure. Microsoft provides many ways to improve security, where identity governance within Azure AD is just one of them. This article will dive into the use of catalogs and access packages. After reading this, you will know what they…
Push RDP files to clients using Intune and PowerShell

Push RDP files to clients using Intune and PowerShell

Some companies want to make RDP connections very easily accessible for their users, by adding a shortcut to the users’ desktop. This provides more convenience for users that have to access remote machines often. In this post I will show you step-by-step how to push RDP shortcuts to clients using Intune and PowerShell.

How to study for Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)

The AZ-104 exam represents the Azure Administrator Associate certification. I signed up for an instructor-led course and dove into some other resources, which are either free or paid. I started halfway through November and I will be taking the exam before the end of 2021. I decided to share my tips and tricks and the learning tools I used in my preparation for AZ-104, which are globally available over the internet.

Using Microsoft Learn for AZ-900

Having spent last year’s lockdown studying for, and passing my Windows Server 2016 MCSA, I didn’t really feel like spending another summer in the proximity of my Microsoft books. However, in July, my employer launched a great initiative: Summer School. I decided to sign up for the Summer School and make sure that if this wasn’t going to be a fun summer, it’d at least land me with another MS certification.

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